Our Story

It all began with...

…our amazing parents, Paul & Susie Sproule, who started building an idea on a folding card table in their basement. Growing up we saw the joy and sacrifice of hard work first-hand, and were taught that failure isn’t fatal, but instead a chance to learn and grow. Parents just don’t come much more supportive than ours and we’re grateful to have these two as our mentors in life.

Now as sisters we have combined forces to bring better wheat from the field to the pantry. We three sisters like quality and when it comes to our food, we settle for nothing but the best. As moms and wives we hand select food to nourish ourselves and our families every day. Reading labels can be a timely activity and we know you’re busy. You can choose Three Farm Daughters with the confidence that you’re selecting the best quality food. Put it this way. Now you have a friend in the food business and friends don’t let friends eat inferior food.

We’re a close family (...like we just about all live on the same street close family) and we want you to pull a chair up at our family table. We look forward to getting to know you better.

Ok we’ll go first...

Get to Know Us

Annie, First Daughter


As the eldest daughter, Annie is the trail blazer. Although she is the quietest of the three, her presence is strong.

As a mother of three, it is because of her children that she and her husband, David, seek out better for you foods. You will find her in your way in the local grocery store aisle, reading the label on every item she buys.

Mollie, Middle Daughter


As an attorney and a middle child, just try to faze Mollie. It’s no surprise that she and her husband Steve took on parenthood in stride.

She conquers each and every day with efficiency and tenacity, and shops for her food in the same fashion. She selects better for you brands that have the quality and convenience that fit her family’s lifestyle.

Grace, Youngest Daughter


Grace has only been one thing in her professional life: a boss. She started her first cosmetics business at the age of 19 and has made her own success by the care and expertise she delivered to her clients each day.

Grace is an early adopter of better for you food products. Now, with her and husband, Jordan, recently welcoming their first child, she is using her knowledge of health and nutrition to fuel the next generation!