The basics, grown better.

GoodWheat™. High in fiber. Lower in calories. Plenty of protein. By nature.

High in fiber. Lower in calories. Plenty of protein. By nature.

The Right Way To Wheat

GoodWheat™. One ingredient, grown better.


The beauty of diversity in agriculture is getting to choose what you value in your kitchen staples. There are thousands of wheat varieties grown around the world and each one has unique properties. Three Farm Daughters’ premium GoodWheat™ varieties are naturally nutrient-dense with attributes like high fiber, more protein, fewer calories and less gluten, working harder and better to nourish you and your family. You’ll feel great about using our pastas and flour in all of your delicious creations.

Expect more from your pantry staples.

Nature-made nutrition from the field to your table.

Linguine Pasta

4 Packs (10oz ea) - $16.99

Fettuccine Pasta

3 Packs (8oz ea) - $16.99

Fusilli Pasta

4 Packs (12oz ea) - $16.99

100% Wheat Flour

2 Packs (32oz ea) - $14.99

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The yummiest caramel rolls. Perfect to bake for Christmas morning.

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Gingerbread Pancakes with Brown Butter Frosting

We like to call this “Christmas on a plate”. Once you try it, you’ll know why!

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Pull Apart Rolls

We’re excited for you to try our Pull Apart Rolls!

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